Member Information

The following general information is provided to help members understand how Forth Valley u3a operates. A login is required to view some of the referenced documents.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held each year, usually in May. All members are entitled to attend. The business part of the meeting includes reports from the Chair and Treasurer, as well as election of Charity Trustees. The AGM is usually accompanied by exhibitions and entertainment as well as refreshments. AGM minutes can be found on the Meeting Documents page.


The Board of Trustees has 3 to 12 members. The Board implements general policy and manages the affairs and property of FVu3a. Trustees are (re-)elected each year. A Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are chosen by the Board from their members. Some roles may be undertaken by non-Board members in cooperation with the Board. See the Board of Trustees page for the constitution and current Board membership. Board meeting minutes can be found on the Meeting Documents page.

Book Sales

There is a second hand book stall at most general meetings. Donations of books by members are welcome. Books are sold at reasonable prices and the proceeds are donated to FVu3a funds.

Charitable Status

FVu3a is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO SC037928). Before 2014, FVu3a was an unincorporated association.


The Constitution of Forth Valley u3a sets out how Forth Valley u3a is administered and managed by members of the Board (executive committee). The constitution can be found via the About Us page.


FVu3a is covered by a Copyright Licence for Adult and Community Learning. This allows us to copy extracts, within clearly defined limits, from books, journals, and periodicals published in the UK and other listed countries. FVu3a is covered by a Public Performance Licence that allows us to play sound recordings in public.

Data Protection

FVu3a conforms to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protect Regulation. See the Data Protection page for more information. The membership application form requests permission to store and use personal details subject to this policy.


FVu3a owns various items of equipment such as a projector, a sound system and a wheelchair. These may be used at general meetings or by interest groups. If groups wish to use equipment they should contact the Secretary.


Members may claim for travel and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the course of u3a work. The online expense claim form (Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word) should be sent to the Treasurer with all relevant receipts.

Fund Raising

Board members or group leader may apply to appropriate funding organisations and trusts to fund projects, equipment or other relevant items. Group leaders should inform the Board if they intend to apply for funding.

General Meetings

General meetings are usually held once a month from September to May. They are open to all members and others who may be interested in joining FVu3a. The first meeting is for enrolment in interest groups. The AGM is usually held in May. Meetings in other months normally have an invited speaker on a topic of interest.

Gift Aid

The membership form asks whether members wish to contribute via Gift Aid. FVu3a can reclaim from HM Revenue and Customs the basic rate tax on the subscriptions paid. This brings in extra income to u3a at no extra cost to members.


FVu3a is covered by insurance provided by the Third Age Trust. This includes Public and Products Liability Insurance, Charity Indemnity Insurance, and Tour Operators Liability Insurance. An accident/incident form is available for group leaders to keep a record of any occurrence during a group meeting, event or outing. The form should be signed and passed to the Board for use in case of any claim to the insurers.

Interest Groups

There are many interest groups on a wide range of subjects, each with a group leader who acts as a coordinator. Most groups meet in members’ homes, but halls are hired for larger groups as required. The Interest Groups Coordinator oversees the groups and compiles the activity schedule. See the Interest Groups page for more information.


Membership of FVu3a is open to all people no longer in full-time employment who with to further the purposes of u3a and who have paid the annual subscription. The Membership Secretary keeps a list of members’ contact details. All paid-up members receive a Membership Card. See the Join Us page for how to join or rejoin.

Monthly Update

The Monthly Update is a newsletter circulated at the beginning of each month to all members by email or post, as preferred. This is the main way of communicating with members, giving information about events, groups and other relevant news. Information needs to be sent in by the 23rd of the preceding month.

Quarterly Magazine

The Quarterly Magazine is a general interest publication issued to all members by email or post, as preferred. It is compiled from information provided by FVu3a members, sent in by 10th of March, June, September or December. Articles may include news from interest groups, as well as reports on activities and outings.

Room Bookings

If halls or rooms are required for interest group activities, the group leader usually makes the bookings and collects payments from members in advance for each session. Invoices are then sent to the Treasurer along with monies collected.

Summer Activities

The Board organises visits and activities during the summer months, possibly subsidised. These are open to FVu3a members and are publicised in the Monthly Update and on this web site. Charges are made for transport, entry fees and refreshments as appropriate. See the Summer Activities page for details of what is currently planned.


Transport by coach or minibus is arranged where feasible for summer outings or visits. For other visits and events, public transport or car sharing is encouraged.

u3a in Scotland

u3a in Scotland is an umbrella group, providing help and advice for u3as in Scotland. It also encourages the exchange of information and ideas between member u3as.