Data Protection

FVu3a (Forth Valley u3a) is governed by a data protection and privacy policy that is approved by the Board. The policy spells out what computerised information we collect, who has access to it, and how it is used. This applies to our membership records as well as to our online presence on the Web, Facebook and Twitter. It also covers related issues such as photographs of events being put online. Enquiries can be made of the Data Protection Officer via the Contact Us page. The full text of the data protection policy and procedures is available online.

The FVu3a web site itself does not use advertising, analytics or tracking that commercial sites may employ. However, external sites linked from this may make use of these capabilities. Cookies (information stored by a browser from a web server) are used by this web site only if you access a password-protected document. This is so you do not have to keep providing a password for each such document. These cookies are anonymous and do not identify you personally. External sites linked from the FVu3a site may, however, use cookies.

Visits to web pages on this site are totalled and are anonymous. Referring web sites (e.g. search engines) are tallied. No personal information (e.g. IP address or location) is recorded. Page statistics are used by the FVu3a Board in order to determine which sources of information are the most relevant.