Wallace Monument


We are the local U3A branch for retired or semi-retired people in Forth Valley (Central Scotland). We offer many ways to stretch your mind or body and to socialise with like-minded older people. This includes interest groups, general meetings, summer activities and publications. If you are no longer working or raising a family, U3A gives you the chance to develop your interests, make new friends and enjoy yourself. Come and join us, and learn, laugh and live!

Recent News

  • November Update: This is now available online (login required).
  • Talk 6th November: An online presentation will be given at 2PM on “British Humour in the Forgotten Art of the Picture Postcard 1840-1950”.
  • AGM 31st August: The unconfirmed minutes of the AGM are now available online (login required).
  • August Board Meetings: The minutes of the 5th August and 31st August board meetings are now online (login required).
  • June Magazine: This is now available online (login required).

Site Documents

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